My Latest Shabby Chic Renovation + Christmas Decoration 1

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Οne of my beloved  challenges as a professional decorator is to renovate a space without purchasing new furniture.
My first step is to rearrange the layout of the existing furniture and then to transform them with the use of  new colors and  fabrics, so that in minimal time and at low cost I can transform spaces and reinvigorate the spirits of the inhabitants of the house.
This delightful family, whose house I present you, has asked me to transform their American Country style home, into something more refined without purchasing new furniture.
I suggested Shabby Chic decorative style, as the  furniture lines are similar to the Country style they had and by changing colors and choosing fine fabrics the result was exactly what they were seeking.

+ My Christmas decoration, this home is delightful to live in!

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One thought on “My Latest Shabby Chic Renovation + Christmas Decoration

  • μιχαλης παυλιδης

    ωραιοτατοτελικα. φιλικο, ζεστο, ζωηρο τονιζοντας ενα chic country style.
    ου αρεσει