My January Decoration Ideas, When all Christmas is Put Away

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The days we have to put away our Christmas decoration are here.
Some of you can be displeased about it, but you shouldn’t.

Now you have the opportunity to renew the decoration of your spaces and create a new decoration but with the festive feeling of the holidays, the glamour and the joy.


This is the best time to celebrate the wonderful winter season in our decorations. I will give you some of my easy and small details that can help you add the winter season feeling into your spaces.

Winter is snow, cool fresh waters, white color, fur and woolen fabrics, fireplace, candles, and more …

1. Knitted & Fur Details

I am getting inspiration from the elements of this wonderful season and this wonderful month with the new hopes and I urge you to do the same.

There is nothing more natural and balanced for a human than to enjoy and become one with everything that every season is offering him.

The first idea I suggest you, is to add knitted or fur details to your decoration.


In white and beige, but even in gray or brown, knitted and fur fabrics are ideal.


Make decorative pillows for your bed, your sofa or your armchairs, use them as throws, even to “warm” small jars for your tea lights.


In these images you can see how easy these fabrics can add to your spaces, winter warmth.
On your bed a few knitted throws and pillows, can convert it into a warm embrace looking forward to dive into it …


In your living room you can create the same feeling of warmth and hospitality by placing pillows and throws from knitted and fur fabrics.

If you try it you will see that the whole family will enjoy the couch and would rejoice to spend time on it.




From an old sweater you can cut the sleeves and dress around glass jars which can host candles or flowers.


White and cream are definitely the most ideal colors for the decorative details of this season to remind us as much as possible the snow ..

2. Give Focus on Season

Choose decors that will add to your space with their presence the feeling of the winter season and details that characterize it.

In many cases you may find objects even among your Christmas decorations, which highlight the winter season and not the Christmas holidays.

But even from materials that we have used to combine with Christmas, such as pine cones, branches of fir or snowflakes but which in the reality these are objects that characterize the winter season.


If Christmas ended this is not to say that reindeer died, isn’t it right?

So I decided to leave on my sofa the decorative pillows with the plush blue reindeers that I crafted for Christmas and for the rest of my upcoming winter decoration 😉

I will post at the next days to my blog, into the do it yourself category the tutorial for my reindeer pillows, but also all my diy from the holiday season. Stay tuned!



Keep a few branches from your fir and some pine cones and use them to give a mark of the season.


Create compositions in vases or trays for candles.

Even in your table setting decoration for a dinner during the winter period.





3. Wood the King

Wood is one of the king elements in decoration for each season of the year.

As a natural material it takes the sparkle and the energy of objects and season that surrounds it.


Now that it is winter it is the best period to find a wide variety of stumps.

Invest to buy 1-2 trunks.

Trust me, you will use them too many times for different uses.


A tree stump can be used as a stool, as table or as bedside.

Even as placemats or coasters for your table if you cut it into thin slices.

With thinner stumps you can make great candle holders for your tea lights.

All these objects can be used all year round.
Here you can read my article on How to Make a Tree Stump Table.


4. The Magic of Candles and Fragrances into your Winter Decoration

What can I say or comment about candles? They are magical.


I could suggest you to prefer beautiful and good quality scented candles for this season.

Smell creates images.

Choose fragrances that awaking winter season to your personal memories.


I believe that fragrance is one of the essential elements of a space.

It has the power to transform the energy of a space.


For this reason I created the appropriate scents for each season of the year.

Soon you will be able to enjoy them also via my upcoming e-shop.


I love using in decoration candles to create a more overall picture and not just to burn a candle.


Try placing candles in jars or lanterns in front of a window, on the floor, on the stairs.

Use enough candles to create a pathway to your outdoors.

The result will be very impressive.

It gives movement and personality to your décor.


5. Decoration with Christmas Lights All Year

In recent years more and more people are using Christmas lights all year round.


The ways that you can use your Christmas lights are countless.

Each one of you can discover new ways and share them with us.


With Christmas lights you can create headboards and messages on the walls.

You can beautifully illuminate a fabric or a curtain.


You can highlight on or in a piece of furniture or object and of course to embrace the tree stumps to your outdoors.


It is extremely easy to create into your space the appropriate decorative feeling of the season.

I have much more to share with you of course, winter is here and the New Year has just begun.

Live beautiful and feel wonderful

Lots of love

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