Living Room

Zen Pleasure in your Holiday Home with Feng Shui What gives us the first inspiration is the location of the house If the outside views are nice we choose to instal big and tall windows. So the beautiful landscape becomes part of the house and the sunlight diffuses in our […]

Zen Pleasure in your Holiday Home with Feng Shui

Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish Here are some ideas of seashell and starfish ornament for summer decoration. Hope to provide inspiration to refresh your home with the summer’s passion. Fill clear glass luminophores with beautiful seashells and place them in groups of two or three on a table. Create […]

Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish

LEARN HOW TO PAINT A ROOM The No1 cure-all for boring rooms, old junk and family hand-me-downs! Learn basic painting techniques and special effects. Help wall painting go smoothly and quickly by following our easy steps and visuals. How to Paint a Room: Materials What You’ll Need: Masking tape Plastic […]

DIY – Learn How to Paint a Room

It is difficult for most people to create a picture gallery and they are not even sure where to start. Here are a few tips to give you confidence to create a gallery wall. Choose Themes Comic strips, children’s art, love notes. Four leaf clovers, funny want ads, postcards. Even […]

How to Hang Picture Gallery

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