Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks * e-learning Webinars*

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Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks

e – learning Webinars

Hello my dear friends and readers!!

I am happy to announce you two new dates of my successful Webinar “Learn Feng Shui in 5 Weeks”.

This knowledge, this treasure, which can benefit other people, must be shared and here I am.
I see how Feng Shui works for me, I see how it works for my clients, who motivate me very much,

to spread these techniques of Feng Shui that managed to transform holistic our lives for the better.

If it is working for us, it can work for you!

Young woman holding pen and diary, smiling

Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks

e – learning Webinars

I created this webinar, which you can easily attend from anywhere you are, any time of the day you prefer, from your sofa, and even from your sunbed if you are on holiday.
This online seminar promises you that after five weeks, with only one lesson per week, you will be able alone to transform with the Feng Shui method your life, your business, but also the lives of the people you care about, for the better, forever!

This year’s Summer season for those who decide to provide this opportunity of growth and prosperity to themselves, will be the starting station for a Prosperous & Happy Life.

Participation in the Webinar here

About the Seminar

The seminar will take place over the Internet and will last for five weeks.
At the beginning of each week you will receive from me the week’s material in electronic form in your mailbox, via e-book, video and mp3. audio courses and your tasks.
When you complete the week’s tasks, you will send them to me electronic for correction.
There will be a chat room for communication between us.
The fifth and last week, we will apply all what you’ve learned in a real ground plan, where you can use your home’s or workplace’s ground plan for a double benefit.
For your completion on the seminar, you will get a certificate of attendance.

This seminar is an excellent idea to offer it as a training course to your employees and to include the costs of the seminar to your business accounts,

be sure that your benefit will be much, much bigger than your cost .

Online Seminar: How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks

Seminar starts on:

Monday, June 5, 2017 (in greek language)
Monday, July 3, 2017 (in english language)

Duration: 5 weeks
Fee 1000 euros

Important Information – Reward

If you believe that this seminar could be useful for a friend of yours, you recommend it to him and he sign up,

you both get 25% off and you attend the seminal at a preferential price of 750 euros each one of you.

The detail content of the seminar can be viewed at the end of this email

Participation in the Webinar here

Useful Information

I realize every day that many people with finance, health or relationship problems and many others,

they do not know that with Feng Shui they can give immediate and long-term solutions to their problems.

By this immemorial method that has given incredible prosperity throughout China since it’s spread to the People of China and ceased to be the privilege only of the Emperor but and in all parts of the world where they were given the real potential of Feng Shui, which wholeheartedly I want to share with you and help you to make your lives more smiling.

Below I give a small sample of highly successful people and businesses who are using Feng Shui and consider it as an integral part of their success.


Madonna, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, Sting, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Oprah Winfrey and Tommy Hilfiger.

Corporate Offices & Towers: Trump Tower New York City, Wall Street Journal, Telus, Merrill Lynch, and Coca-Cola.

Hotels: Hilton, MGM Grand Hotel, Bellagio Hotel, Caesars Palace, Mirage Resorts, Casino Niagara and Cosmopolitan

Banks: Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Citibank, HSBC, Texas First National, Mutual of New York, Guaranty Trust Bank of England, Chase Manhattan and Standard Charter Bank of London

Taylor Morley Homes, Ponderosa Homes
The United Nations
White Sox Stadium, Chicago
Creative Artists Agency, Beverly Hills
American Chamber of Commerce

My love to you all and I will be happy to talk to you in the chat room of this unique seminar.

Elena Arsenoglou

Participation in the Webinar here

Seminar Content

1st week
Introduction to Feng Shui
Fundamentals of the Method That Can Change Your Life
Qi – Yin Yang – 5 Elements

2nd week
Method Pa-Kua – Part I
Secrets of Prosperity in 8 Areas of Life
Personal Growth- Knowledge
Health – New Opportunities
Wealth – Prosperity

3rd week
Method Pa-Kua – Part II
The Secrets to Prosperity in 8 Areas of Life
Fame & Reputation
Relationships – Marriage
Creativity – Children
Travel – Assistants

week 4
The Power of Objects
In this chapter we will see in details all objects and symbols and how they affect our lives, positively or negatively.

week 5
Practical training
We do Feng Shui into a real plan, you can use your home or workplace ground plan

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