Hospitality Decoration

Hotel decoration by the studio Beyond Decoration,

with the purpose of making your hotel stand out, with the inspired and full of positive energy design and the decoration of your interior and exterior spaces. 

How can you make your hotel stand out? 

Wellness Certification
For the Design of Hotel Rooms by Beyond Decoration

  • Design & Decoration Certification is given for Wellness and Relaxation (with the Feng Shui method), which you can use to showcase the specialized service that you will be providing to your customers from now on.
  • These rooms acquire increased value and can be charged at a higher price.
  • And can be included in the international catalogues of Wellness and Relaxation destinations (Wellness Hotels), which are in extremely large demand and a brand new customer list which wasn’t included so far in the customer list of your hotel, becomes yours.

The successful Interior Designer | Architect Elena Arsenoglou provides you with the additional effective services in the sector of Hotel Decoration . The Beyond Decoration office is an internationally recognized Decoration studio, which certifiably applies the Feng Shui techniques in every project of Design, Decoration and Renovation that it undertakes. The result of this unique combination of Elena Arsenoglou’s knowledge, along with her 20 years of experience, is the creation of Top-Tier Design and Decoration Aesthetic , in the best Construction Quality possible, which overflows with Positive Energy and Success .

The Feng Shui techniques can be applied in any decoration style, they do not become visually perceptible and don’t affect the aesthetic result of the decoration of a space at all. The Feng Shui techniques become perceptible only in the sense of Wellness which gives the final result, as well as attracting the positive energy in a space, removing the negative energy and achieving the harmonic design and decoration, by using the correct elements, colors, shapes, lighting etc. in the correct spots.

The Feng Shui benefits of the Hotel 

The decorator Elena Arsenoglou manages to improve the surrounding spaces, not only aesthetically but also functionally and decorationally by using her additional specialized knowledge of Feng Shui, but also achieving a positive, Zen , harmonic result in many key areas of the business’ functionality. In hotels, the great benefits of Feng Shui based Design are very important for the owners and managers. Some of them are, the increase in the efficiency of the employees and the good reputation of the business, the increase in financial profits, the development and the guaranteed general success of the hotel and any sub-services which function within it (restaurants, spa, stores, plages, bars etc.) Either as a part of the Construction or Renovation of your hotel, we highly recommend trying the Feng Shui based decoration by the decorator Elena Arsenoglou, the results will impress you. 

Customer Experience 

The customers of a hotel which has applied the design and decoration using the Feng Shui techniques of Beyond Decoration , enjoy a High Aesthetic hotel , with Harmonic Decoration and abundant Positive Energy and become the best advertisement for the hotel. During their accommodation or visit to the hotel, they felt well and were really rested, in great rooms with positive energy and harmonic highly aesthetic shared spaces. The hotel space offered them general Wellness , the basic demand in every kind of business is exactly that, to make the customer feel as good as possible by providing them the best and most unique services. A satisfied customer will give back by their continuous preference, positive reviews and recommendation to other future customers of the hotel. 

For more information regarding the Hotel Decoration you can get in contact with Elena Arsenoglou. 

Below you can see an indicative list of successful businesses and people who use the Feng Shui techniques as an integral part of the decoration of their spaces so that they have harmony, positive energy and success in their lives and businesses. 

Ace Hardware
Bank of America
Bill Gates
Body Shop
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
CBS Studios
Charles Schwab
Chase Manhattan Bank Citibank 

Deepak Chopra Dolly Parton
Donald Trump Donna Karen
Eli Lilly
Federal Express Ford Motor Company George Clooney Gwyneth Paltrow Hewlett-Packard 

Hong Kong Disneyland
Hyatt Hotels
Jerry Hall
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Madonna
Marks and Spencer McDonald’s
Morgan Stanley
Mercedes Benz
Oprah Winfrey
Procter & Gamble
Richard Branson
Sophia Loren
Shell Oil
Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks Tommy Hilfiger
Trump Tower
Universal Studios
Virgin Atlantic
Wall Street Journal