Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas

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Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas

Summer is here and with it all the beautiful moments we spend with our beloved ones at home.
This is an excellent opportunity to turn even the simplest meal into a delightful moment with a refreshing summer feel.

How we do this? By setting our table decoration with fresh green and herbal compositions!

Leave Table Runner

Create a table runner from kentia palm leaves in the center of your table.

Make sure that you’ll let them hang a little from the edge of your table.

The air will shake them and will create a wonderful sense of coolness.

This composition can be combined beautifully with exotic flowers but even with small pineapples!

Fresh Placemats

You can use leaves of plants you already have at your balcony or your indoors.

Like fern or banana leaves. Fern leaves look wonderful under transparent dishes.

As backround, you can use natural material placemats such as rattan or burlap.

Fresh Compositions

For a bigger table you can create on leave arrangements, compositions of various succulents that you already have such as Jade which has a good Feng Shui and aloe.



Leaves can be used in many ways! Let your imagination run free and every time you will have something new to present.
If you have a last minute visit, a great and easy idea is to place leaves and floating candles into glasses filled with water.

An absolutely relaxing yin yang choice where fire element coexists wonderfully with water and greenery.

Decoration with Herbs

For those who don’t have exotic leaves but they do have some herbs they use in their cooking,

they can create wonderful decorations for the summer table settings and giving a more boho effect.

Rosemary and lavender are the kings of herbs for this purpose. But of course basil, olive and laurel are also protagonists.

A very beautiful idea that will add a wonderful scent to your bread is to fasten a sprig of rosemary with a natural rope over the bread rolls.

It’s also a great match to use sage with the bread. I use it often with sliced ​​bread, the taste and the appearance blend wonderfully!

If you want to set your guests sits thats a great idea!

Write your guests names on wooden clothes pins and attach a sprig of rosemary to the towel.

One of the best places in the decoration of your table where you can use the flowers of lavender is on the napkins.

They will smell great when your guests want to use them.

Lavender can also star in a central composition for a more romantic effect.

The ideas are endless! Let your imagination be free and the result will reward you.

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