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Kids Room Interior Design & Decoration Decorating children’s rooms is one of the most enjoyable areas when dealing with the decoration of our home. Beyond Decoration Studio designs rooms that excite children’s imagination and creativity. Our aim is to create a functional and aesthetic environment with positive energy that offers […]

Kids Room Interior Design & Decoration 

Painting | Color Selection | Application | Maintenance Beyond Decoration Studio undertakes Interior and Exterior Decoration, Construction, Renovation and Supervision of Residential and Commercial projects throughout Greece. With its 25 years of experience, Elena Arsenoglou, the Interior Design Architect who runs it, Beyond Decoration Studio provides you with the most […]

COLOR SELECTION | Painting | Application | Maintenance

Sconce North - Α Polymorphic Interior Design item for Design Lovers
Α polymorphic interior design item for design lovers. Sconce NORTH Sconce “North” is an amazing item, recognised in the global design market. Materials and Dimensions “North” is made of mirror with a perimetrical hidden LED lighting. It is currently available in dimensions, 40cm x 40cm and 80cm x 80cm and […]

Sconce North – Α Polymorphic Interior Design item for Design ...

Create a Modern Geometric Mural with Painting This is an easy way to create a feature wall in any room of your space. The only materials that you need are: A painting tape Some different colours A painter brush and you will be able to create a stunning modern geometric […]

Create a Modern Geometric Mural with Painting

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks e – learning Webinars I am in a very good period, once again 🙂 My Techniques on Feng Shui, which I study, develop and use as an interior designer the last almost 20 years, are working excellent for me and for my […]

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks * e-learning ...

Beyond Decoration @ Art Athina Join an historical event and city Join us at Art Athina 2016 Launched in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, Art-Athina stands today as one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe and as the largest annual visual arts event in Greece. […]

Beyond Decoration @ Art Athina, 26-29/5 Faliron Pavillion

Decorating with Green Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 1/4 Using Green Color on Walls 2/4 Using Green Color on Furniture 3/4 Using Green Accessories 4/4 Using Green Color in Professional Spaces It’s great to talk about green as it is my favorite color! Green is the color of growth, […]

Decorating with Green – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

A typical trompe-l’œil mural might depict a window, door, or hallway, intended to suggest a larger room.  A wall sized mural gives a room special atmosphere and the feeling of expanded space. Whether they are scenic or whimsical, Large Murals, Half-Wall Murals, Door Murals and Poster Murals can add drama […]

Trompe-l’œil Murals

Decorating with Gray Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 1/4 Using Gray Color on Walls 2/4 Using Gray Color on Furniture 3/4 Using Gray Accessories 4/4 Using Gray Color in Professional Spaces Gray is the symbol for security, maturity and dependability. People who favor gray are usually the lone wolf […]

Decorating with Gray – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

Wallpaper your Home – Natural Inspiration Turn your house into a cozy home, by covering your walls with beautiful wallpapers. Take a taste from my wallpaper collection. Soon be available at my online shop @ www.elenaarsenoglou.com at unbeatable prices!! If you are interested please contact me NATURAL INSPIRATION The following […]

Wallpaper your Home – Natural Inspiration

Dress your wall with quotes. You don’t need to spend a fortune to beautify your home or workspace walls. How to do this? Here are the tips to dress your wall with quotes Pick some of your favourite. Pinterest is ideal for this purpose. Print them or even draw them. […]

Dress your Walls with Quotes

Contemporary art is art produced from the 70’s up until this very minute. At this present point in time, art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. In other words, contemporary to us. Usually the artists are alive and still making work. Some of contemporary techniques […]

Contemporary Art

10 Wonderful Fall Theme Paintings Update your decor for the fall months by sprucing up your walls with artwork that can change with the seasons. I selected for you, from etsy.com , 10 beautiful fall theme paintings, to get the inspiration you need for your fall decoration! Fall Painting Modern […]

10 Wonderful Fall Theme Paintings

Hello !  I am very happy today because it is Thursday! You’ll tell me  “so what ?” It was  Shopping Day Today! Thursdays are for me very joyous days, as I am frequently out of my office. Visiting  shops, warehouses, companies, galleries and workshops,  collecting materials  I need for  my […]

10 Best Wall Murals

Wall Art for Brown Walls Further to my post entitled  ” Decorating with Brown ” many of you sent me replies with  their  decision  to add this cozy color to their space. There are some subtle, useful information I want to share with you. About wall art, i.e.  art, paintings, […]

Wall Art for Brown Walls

Brown Walls Guide for Choosing the Right Colors Decorating with Brown subcategory 1/4 Using Brown Color on Walls Preference for brown color is characteristic of people who are practical, stable, prefer simplicity and are devoted. Many men love brown due to its strength, security and practicality. Blending red, yellow, and […]

Decorating with Brown – Part 1/4 Using Brown on Walls ...

DIΥ – Bird Silhouettes and Text Collage Wall Art Make your own bird wall art with printed bird silhouettes and a textual collage for the background. This wall art craft project shows you how to create wall decor with the look of pricier designer pieces. Materials: •    Two Canvases •    […]

DIΥ – Silhouettes and Text Collage Wall Art

LEARN HOW TO PAINT A ROOM The No1 cure-all for boring rooms, old junk and family hand-me-downs! Learn basic painting techniques and special effects. Help wall painting go smoothly and quickly by following our easy steps and visuals. How to Paint a Room: Materials What You’ll Need: Masking tape Plastic […]

DIY – Learn How to Paint a Room

It is difficult for most people to create a picture gallery and they are not even sure where to start. Here are a few tips to give you confidence to create a gallery wall. Choose Themes Comic strips, children’s art, love notes. Four leaf clovers, funny want ads, postcards. Even […]

How to Hang Picture Gallery