Wellness with Autumn Energy into Your Life and Space

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Wellness with Autumn Energy in Your Life and Spaces

A few days ago I shared a post with the readers of “Enallaktiki Drasi”, a beloved blog of mine,

an article about the harmonious coexistence with autumn season.

You can read the article here.

Learn the Secrets of Autumn Season

How to add autumnal colours into your interiors.

Perfume your space with Autumn Fragrances with a wonderful and very easy recipe.

How to get inspired by the season and create beautiful and useful diy items.

What are the seasonal foods to enjoy and what you can also create with them.

And finally how to coexist and enjoy wonderful moments with your loved ones in this wonderful time of year.

I hope you’ll enjoy my post and the rest of Enallaktiki Drasi posts and I will be happy to read your feed back at the comments.
Lots of Love

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