Decorating Styles

Tropical Decoration Style Temperatures are getting really high these days! With my following decorative tips you can add a high dose of freshness to your spaces – Welcome to the tropics!! My secret to create a tropical feeling in a space is to add just 1 element. But it is […]

Tropical Decoration Style

Decorating Style French Provencal Country Creating Provencal country style in your space is easy with the right colors, finishes and furnishings. Here are the main instructions to create this relaxed, warm and subtly elegant French Country decorating style. Walls Traditional Provence style homes tend to be colored in natural tones. […]

Decorating Style – French Provencal Country

House Tour with Organic Modern Decoration Style. I came across this house tour as I was reading the blog Apartment Therapy. This house has a very interesting and favorite decoration style, Organic Modern. My prediction about this decoration style is that public will love it, like interior designers do. Organic […]

Organic Modern Decoration Style

Decorating Style Ethnic Eclectic All those who know me from the past know my particular interest in ethnic cultures. I was always fascinated by the uniqueness of these cultures, the warmth of their materials and colors, their textures and smells. Thus, over the past ten years I was involved with […]

Decorating Style – Ethnic Eclectic

Contemporary art is art produced from the 70’s up until this very minute. At this present point in time, art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. In other words, contemporary to us. Usually the artists are alive and still making work. Some of contemporary techniques […]

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Decorating Style Today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming. This style is equally appropriate for offices, stores, lofts and homes. A contemporary style space can be a comfortable retreat. To achieve the look is important to follow some basic rules. Simplicity, subtle sophistication and modern lines are the basics […]

Contemporary Decorating Style