Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish 1

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Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish

Here are some ideas of seashell and starfish ornament for summer decoration.

Hope to provide inspiration to refresh your home with the summer’s passion.

Fill clear glass luminophores with beautiful seashells and place them in groups of two or three on a table.

Create a summer inspiration corner by putting a favorite among books that will be decorated by your favorite seashells and starfish and vases with seashells and candles.

Glass containers can be beautifully transformed if you add some sand at the base and white seashells and starfish.

Ivory candles are perfect to complete this composition, which is ideal for outdoors because containers protect the candles from the wind.

Be Creative

Transform your candlesticks for the summer by putting on the wax one starfish attached with a natural skipping rope.

I love these big seashells and I use them in countless ways, even as a salad bowl or a bowl for nuts.

For your bathroom they look really nice if filled with aromatic salts and candles.

And of course, take care of the decoration even for your simplest meal.

Decorate your table with beautiful linen and porcelain with colors and patterns of the sea.

Complete with shiny seashells, starfish and sand.
Happy Summer!

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