No Money Decorating: 15 Fabulous Branch Christmas Trees 1

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No Money Decorating: 15 Fabulous Branch Christmas Trees

If there isn’t plenty of time or money to decorate a real or a faux tree for the holidays,

transformation of simple branches to Christmas trees can give you a really impressive result.

See 15 wonderful ideas which I’m sure will tempt you to experiment!

15 Fabulous Branch Christmas Trees

A naked branch looks great with stars in different sizes and lights.


You can paint your branches with spray paint and decorate them with Christmas ornaments.


If you choose white color to paint your branch add also white color lights for great result.

Use your imagination when you choose a pot for your branch!

Branches are also looking great if you hang them on the top of a table.

You can place them on a furniture or on the floor.

Decorate them with Christmas cards and ribbons.

Your small size gifts will find their ideal spot under a branch Christmas tree.

Be creative with the choice of the ornaments. For the living room you can pick some more glamorous pieces.

For the kitchen, French country style ornaments are the best to choose.

You can add even some fake snow on your branches for a more impressive result.

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  • Ελένη Δραπανιώτου

    Γεια σας
    Ενδιαφερομαι για το εξης
    Κορμος δεντρου με κλαδια.
    Ο λογος που το ζηταω ειναι επειδη δεν μου αρεσει
    Το κοινο χριστουγεννιατικο δεντρο
    Θα ηθελα κατι διαφορετικο.
    Εχω δει καποιες απο τις ιδεες σας
    Κ θα ηθελα να γνωριζω αν εχετε κατι τετοιο
    Για να μπορεσω να σας επισκεφτω
    Αναμενω την σχετικη σας απαντηση
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