Guest Bathroom – My Secrets for Stunning Decoration 5

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Guest bathrooms are among my favorites in decoration.

Whether it is for a house, restaurant or hotel, I choose the decoration carefully as it
is the only space where guests being left to their own will observe.

I therefore enjoy giving it a good dose of aesthetic pleasure, combining
artistic styles, fine materials and perfect functionality.

1. Choose an Eye Catching Style

Guest bathrooms can be decorated more intensely from the rest of your rooms.
What do I mean? Even if the rest of your spaces are decorated in a
minimalist way, the guest bathroom can have more intense decoration. Your
aim should be to pleasantly surprise your guests when they open the bathroom

2. Choose Fine Materials for the Walls

Wallpaper, marble, mosaic, stone, techniques, wood and bold colors are
the best paneling choices for your guest bathroom. If you want to add works
of art on the walls you should prefer white color for the walls.

Depending on the decorative style you choose, you ought to start by selecting the correct
and harmonious materials for the decoration of your bathroom walls.

3. Choose the Floor Materials.

The materials you choose for floor covering of your guest bathroom should be of different or of the opposite color of that of the wall paneling.

For instance if we have chosen marble for the walls, we can use wood or mosaic for the floor.

I suggest you do not use the same materials as those used for the walls not to give the feeling of a “box” , as guest bathrooms are usually small.

As you can see in the following guest bathroom I have used wallpaper in the toilet area, granite in the entrance where the washbasin is and fine color mosaic for the floor.

4. Choose the Toiletries

Guest bathroom toiletries are few and very precise. A washbasin and a toilet.

Their choice however will make all the difference.
The toilet ought to be comfortable, made of good quality porcelain, in normal dimension and the washbasin should have something striking, whether it be its shape or its material. Washbasins can be found in very large, impressive varieties beyond the traditional porcelain.

Marble, glass, corian, inox, bronze, resin, ivory, even stone and wood can all be found.

5. Bathroom Furniture

Your choice of furniture which will host the washbasin of your guest bathroom will make the decoration either take off or self destruct!
I advise you to lay your washbasin on a furniture item which will be designed and constructed especially for your bathroom.
You should carefully choose the material it’s made of especially if it is wood, it should be uniquely made of plywood so you will avoid decay from water and humidity.

Marble and glass are the best choices as far as the surface of the counter-top.

If you choose a traditional washbasin with legs, you can compliment the decoration with an independent auxiliary cabinet as shown in the
picture below.

6. The Ideal Fixtures for the Washbasin

As far as the fixture of your washbasin go I will give you one advice: invest as much money as you can!

It’s the detail which will give your bathroom the finesse.

It is the jewel of your bathroom and like with ladies gems, it can make a huge difference, if it is faux bijoux or real gold!

7. Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are useful details that beautify your guest bathroom but essentially aim to offer it functionality.

Trash can, toilet brush and paper holder, soap dispenser, accessory set and towel bars,

must harmoniously blend with the decorative style and should not necessarily be of the same color as the fixture of the washbasin.

The mirror you place over the washbasin will always be a central point of focus; you should therefore choose it with utmost care.

It should be made of some material included in the washbasin cabinet or a rococo mirror or in the case of a choosing a simple mirror to have a mirror-frame on the edges.

8. Pay Special Attention to Details!

. Pretty, uniform hand towels, as well as a container for used towels.

. Some basic cosmetics such as hand cream.

. Air freshener and scented candles.

. If the bathroom has sunlight you can place some real flowers or plants.

And as always the guest bathroom should be orderly and clean!

These are my secrets for stunning decoration in your guest bathroom; I hope you’ll make the best with these!

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