Nightstand Accessorizing

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How to accessorize your nightstand?

The possibilities are endless, but there are some basic and easy rules and if you follow them you will always have a very impressive result.

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Accessories are one of the most important parts of the design process.

They complete the overall look of a space and add the fine little details we all love so much.

Your bedroom nightstand should be no exception to receiving fabulous accessories.

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Follow my tips and enjoy the results like a pro!!

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Tip #1

Any combination of items you choose, it is important to have objects with different heights (high, medium, low), to keep the eye moving.

A popular staging trick is using a small stack of books to add extra height to an accessory!

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Tip # 2

A key element in accessorizing your nightstand is the lighting which can make a design statement for your entire bedroom decoration.

Whether you choose a wall mounted sconce or a ceiling mounted fixture or a table lamp, make sure to keep it in balance with your nightstand’s scale and leave space for other essentials.

Pay attention your lighting to have a beautiful base and shade.

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Tip # 3

Use groupings in odd numbers (three to five pieces is ideal).
Use frames, a tray, beautiful vases, objects, books…things you love.

Books – Reading material is a staple for unwinding at night. Don’t go overboard; perhaps stick to 2 or 3.

Also, think about incorporating them into the overall look, perhaps to elevate decorative objects.

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Sculpture – Adding a personal touch shows your personality.

Having a favorite object there to say goodnight to you and to greet you in the morning is not too bad either!

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Candles – Adding this element can be very romantic and soothing. A little fire in the bedroom is a good thing.

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Clock – Make a utilitarian piece interesting. Choose a timepiece that makes you smile when you are running around getting ready.

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Tip # 4

Incorporate in the decoration of your nightstand organic elements, such as plants, sea shells and flowers to bring the outside in.

Add life and positive energy to your bedroom which is always something very good.

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Tip # 5

Don’t forget the wall space above your night stand.

It’s a great opportunity and the area is ideal to hang small piece of artwork, alternative leaning on your nightstand. etc.

Be sure not to hang your art too high disconnecting it from your table.

Also, don’t be afraid to hide a portion of the piece behind your lighting or placing it off center. A little mystery is good in the bedroom too.

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Good luck and I am looking forward for you to share with me the results of your efforts ~ Elena

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