Decorating with Brown – Part 4/4 Using Brown in Professional Spaces – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

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Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

Decorating with Brown

subcategory 4/4 Using Brown Color in Professional Spaces

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4. Using Brown in Professional Spaces

With its connection to the outdoors and down-to-earth activities, brown is suitable for businesses promoting outdoor products and services.

Earth moving, landscaping and farming businesses are inspired by the use of brown, along with anyone marketing wholesome and organic products.

Too much brown can be heavy, dull and boring. It can appear too staid, serious, passive and unsophisticated.

Medium brown relates well to nature, wholesome food and agricultural products when you relate it to color meanings in business.

Dark brown relates well to sophisticated and professional men’s products when combined with gold or cream.

Light brown suggests neatness, openness, approachability and friendliness.


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