DIY – 18 Cheap & Chic Headboard Ideas 1

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DIY – 18 Cheap & Chic Headboard Ideas

Make a personal statement in your bedroom retreat with a pretty headboard for the bed.

No one will suspect such an elegant metal headboard was created from a cheap find at a discount home store.

Look for metal scrollwork in interesting motifs.

Two panels can be hung together to create a modern headboard.

These pieces were covered with two coats of brushed-silver paint to give them a soft, chic look.

Inexpensive photo frames can be found at garage sales or thrift shops and make a magnificent headboard.

Remove the glass from the frames and cut batting the same size as the frame back.

Cut fabric to size, adding 3 inches on each side. Lay the batting on the frame back and cover it with the fabric, wrapping excess over the back.

Pull taut and fasten with duct tape.

Insert the back into the frame.

Hang three frames side by side for a picture-perfect headboard.

Turn a ho-hum headboard into a charming focal point simply with wallpaper.

Trace the outline of the headboard on a large scrap of paper and cut it out.

A light coating of wallpaper adhesive is all it takes to make your bed ready for some sweet dreaming in style.

DIY Tip: Make sure your piece of wallpaper is large enough to cover the headboard.

If using multiple pieces, take care to match the pattern for a chic, finished look.

Love the look of wrought-iron headboards, but not the price?

Get the look without the cost by painting one on your wall.

Find a stencil at a local crafts store or make your own.

Cut the stencil from acetate with a crafts knife, affix the stencil to the wall using a spray adhesive or low-tack tape, and apply paint inside the stencil.

Use acrylic paint or specially formulated stenciling cream.

Create a custom headboard that rises to the occasion by covering an inexpensive artist’s canvas with fabric.

Just pull the fabric tightly across the frame and secure with a staple gun.

Then prop the canvas behind your bed — no power tools required.

When it’s time to change out your bedding, simply re-cover the canvas with new coordinating fabric for a fresh look.

Cozy up your bedroom by unfolding a fireplace screen and hanging it on the wall behind your bed as a headboard.

For an antique look, use spray paint to cover the screen in blue.

After it?s dry, dip a sponge in bronze paint and wipe a light coat on the screen.

Repeat with copper paint.

Finish with a clear spray-on sealant.

A solid pine door is the perfect way to make a bold statement with a headboard.

Cut 15 inches off the bottom of the door.

Paint the door and let dry.

Mount the door to the wall about 4 inches above the floor using two bar-holder brackets.

Reinforce with one bracket on top.

To hide the top bracket, use finishing nails to attach a piece of molding to its top edge 1 inch above the door.

Fill holes with wood filler, sand, and paint.

Create an elegant headboard like this one by spraying two shutters with two coats of primer and 2 coats of metallic paint, then finishing with two coats of sealant.

Allow the shutters to dry between coats.

Measure the inside of each panel and cut fabric to fit each opening, adding 1/2 inch on all sides.

Place batting inside the panel to cover the entire area.

Cover with a piece of fabric and attach to batting along the edges with hot glue.

Secure the corners and along the top with a staple gun.

Use ribbon as a trim to finish. Repeat for each panel.

Stencils are available in all shapes and sizes.

With a little paint, they easily add new character to a tired headboard.

Try adding a leafy vine across the top of the headboard for a fresh look.

Bring the serenity of a garden to the bedroom with a headboard fashioned from two trellises.

Cut away the ends on one side of each panel so the trellises abut.

Secure them together with wood screws.

Staple a paper square to the back of each opening.

Use hot glue to attach art prints to the front of some of the panels.

Make a bold statement with a headboard created from a curtain panel.

Use fabric markers of different thicknesses or colors to write favorite quotes, poems, or lyrics on the panel.

Hang the creation from a curtain rod using clip rings.

Want more Ideas?

Create this dreamy headboard from a DIY cornice, window treatments, and a padded board.

To make the padded headboard, choose a piece of plywood the width of your bed, top with a layer of foam, cover with fabric, and secure to plywood with a staple gun.

Find the center of the padded headboard and attach curtain panels to the wall at the center point.

Use MDF to make a cornice.

Cover the tops of the window treatments with the cornice.

Arrange the panels to frame the padded headboard and pull back with window treatment hooks.

Add a touch of whimsy to any smooth-surface wooden headboard by adhering simple wallpaper decals.

For an unexpected windblown effect, we carried the colorful leaf-motif decals from this headboard onto the wall.

To apply similar delicate stickers, slowly peel away the backing while smoothing the decal onto the surface.

Once the design placement is permanent, burnish the decals using the edge of a credit card.

Let’s be Creative

Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard.

To get this look, find windows that measure approximately the width of your mattress.

Remove the glass and install thin plywood over the back for safety.

Cut fabric to fit each section and secure it in place with spray adhesive.

In place of a headboard, a salvaged mantel gives this bedroom architectural flair.

The more distressed the better for a vintage look like this.

Upgrade a plain wooden headboard with paint.

First, sand all surfaces and coat with a water-base sealer.

Using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with white satin paint.

Next, apply a stripe-and-dot border.

For the flower, download the pattern below, transfer onto the headboard, and paint.

Create an alphabet headboard from letters found at crafts stores or flea markets.

Choose a variety of letters, sizes, and fonts for an interesting display.

Arrange letters graphically or spell out words.

Make this ultramodern headboard in an hour.

Buy a piece of plywood from your local home supply store.

Sand it, stain it, seal it, and then set it behind your bed.

The clean lines will help you sleep in style.

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