Poinsettia Care Tips Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Good poinsettia care will keep your plant beautiful right through the holidays. Bright and cheery, poinsettia is the top-selling flowering plant in the U.S. and the most popular for decorating and gift-giving at Christmas time. Its “flowers” are actually leaf-like bracts that surround […]

Poinsettia Care Tips

Month January – February Winter Season – Water – North – Career ~ Winter as a season and water as one of the elements of nature are perfectly linked together. Undoubtedly the direction that brings us all these energies is the North, who is always fresh and cool, and from […]

January & February Feng Shui ~ North, Career Area

How to accessorize your nightstand? The possibilities are endless, but there are some basic and easy rules and if you follow them you will always have a very impressive result. Accessories are one of the most important parts of the design process. They complete the overall look of a space […]

Nightstand Accessorizing

The key to Wellness. For everything useless or unnecessary you remove from your life, a new and useful comes to meet you. The first rule of prosperity, wellness and healthy flow of energy is to declutter every so our spaces from useless and unnecessary items. Which opens the door to […]

The Key to Wellness: Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your ...

With just one or two yards of fabric and a few uninterrupted hours, you can create all kinds of custom decor. Fabric is one of the hardest-working and most versatile decorating tools we have at our disposal. Here is a quick, no-sew project that will have you adding pattern and […]

How to… Replace a Seat Cushion

Cheap & Easy Home Fixes Trouble Spot: Old Furniture – Fix with Slipcovers Although reupholstering is a manageable furniture update, it might be a little daunting for nonsewers. Fast fix: Instead, opt for simple slipcovers to revitalize worn-out furniture or coordinate mismatched pieces. Less time-consuming, less cost, and more adaptable […]

Slipcovers – Fix the Trouble: Old Furniture

Give Draperies a Second Chance Are you are trying to find clever ways and tips to customize items that you already have? With a little ingenuity and basic sewing skills, you can get the look of custom-made window treatments for way less. Here is the Tip Start with a neutral […]

Give Draperies a Second Chance

Cauliflower in Cinnamon-Tomato Sauce This cauliflower recipe that Marisa Churchill is sharing with us today has a very special sentimental value for her, since it comes from her beloved Yiayia (grandmother). I suggest you to read the article that posted at the Ηuffington Post to get a taste of the […]

Cauliflower in Cinnamon-Tomato Sauce by Marisa Churchill

Masquerade Party with Marie Antoinette theme A great idea for anyone who wants to throw a party of the decade. The ingredients for a perfect Marie Antoinette masquerade party are below. Delicious foods and drinks, fun, sexy and wild atmosphere. Great people, music, costumes and amazing décor. What do you […]

Party Planning: Throw a Glamorous and Sexy Marie Antoinette Masquerade ...

Make your own photo book for free. My favorite month of the year was always March. Except that it’s my birthday month, it is mainly because spring starts here. Along with spring, here starts the amazing rebirth of nature with the wonderful scents. Last years I have in mind a […]

Make & Share your Own Photo Book for FREE + ...

Just when you thought Ikea was only for college students and young couples check out these ideas. Some bloggers and DIY enthusiasts are transforming their basic furniture into stunning, one of a kind design pieces. It all starts will a little bit of imagination. Here are some of my favourite […]

Ikea Hack Ideas

Decorating with Black Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 1/4 Using Black Color on Walls 2/4 Using Black Color on Furniture 3/4 Using Black Accessories 4/4 Using Black Color in Professional Spaces Black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. In color psychology, black means power […]

Decorating with Black – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

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