Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas Summer is here and with it all the beautiful moments we spend with our beloved ones at home. This is an excellent opportunity to turn even the simplest meal into a delightful moment with a refreshing summer feel. How we do this? By setting our […]

Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas

Tropical Decoration Style Temperatures are getting really high these days! With my following decorative tips you can add a high dose of freshness to your spaces – Welcome to the tropics!! My secret to create a tropical feeling in a space is to add just 1 element. But it is […]

Tropical Decoration Style

A Unique Villa at Mykonos Island with Magnificent View ~ For Sale Sun, sea, refreshing cocktails …everyone’s dream for getaways. But when the choice is a Greek island and specifically Mykonos, these words are not enough to describe the feeling. Here sun is blinding, sea waters are crystal, dew is […]

A Unique Villa at Mykonos Island with Magnificent View ~ ...

September Feng Shui ~ Love & Marriage ~ Southwest This transitional season, between the emotional summer season with the element of fire and the cold winter season with the element of water, there is this fresh and wisest Autumn season which comes to regenerate the land under new conditions. This […]

September Feng Shui ~ Love & Marriage ~ Southwest

How to accessorize your nightstand? The possibilities are endless, but there are some basic and easy rules and if you follow them you will always have a very impressive result. Accessories are one of the most important parts of the design process. They complete the overall look of a space […]

Nightstand Accessorizing

The key to Wellness. For everything useless or unnecessary you remove from your life, a new and useful comes to meet you. The first rule of prosperity, wellness and healthy flow of energy is to declutter every so our spaces from useless and unnecessary items. Which opens the door to […]

The Key to Wellness: Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your ...

With just one or two yards of fabric and a few uninterrupted hours, you can create all kinds of custom decor. Fabric is one of the hardest-working and most versatile decorating tools we have at our disposal. Here is a quick, no-sew project that will have you adding pattern and […]

How to… Replace a Seat Cushion

Kids Room Decoration Tips and Ideas Kids Room Decorating your kid’s room can be one of the most fun home decorating projects you’ll find. Kid’s room decor should be about imagination and creativity. The sky … or the jungle, a castle, the sea or any of a hundred other realms […]

Kids Room Decoration Tips and Ideas

My Greece…in style I always believe that is a great privilege of my life that I’m Greek and I live my daily life in Greece. In this magical place called Greece, the glare of the bright sun creates a unique white hue. The pure white color is the dominant color […]

My Greece…in style

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