currently this seminar is available only in Greek ΓΙΑ ΠΡΩΤΗ ΦΟΡΑ ΔΙΑΔΙΚΤΥΑΚΑ ΓΙΑ ΟΛΟΥΣ 2021 ΦΕΝΓΚ ΣΟΥΙ | FLYING STARS Η Υγεία και η Ευεξία του ανθρώπου επηρεάζονται άμεσα από το περιβάλλον που ζει   Σύμφωνα με έρευνες ο σύγχρονος άνθρωπος ζει σχεδόν το 90% της ζωής του μέσα σε […]


Note: The seminar is currently only in Greek    Seminar Topic : Wellness with Feng Shui (Full PRO Version) Start : Every Monday Language: Greek Duration: 4 weeks Participation Cost: 490 euros (initial price 1000euros) special discount -51% due to COVID19 for the entire lockdown period

Seminar Topic : Wellness with Feng Shui (Full PRO Version)

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks e – learning Webinars I am in a very good period, once again 🙂 My Techniques on Feng Shui, which I study, develop and use as an interior designer the last almost 20 years, are working excellent for me and for my […]

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks * e-learning ...

Beyond Decoration @ Art Athina Join an historical event and city Join us at Art Athina 2016 Launched in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, Art-Athina stands today as one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe and as the largest annual visual arts event in Greece. […]

Beyond Decoration @ Art Athina, 26-29/5 Faliron Pavillion

With great pleasure Ι inform you about our presence at exhibition “Art Hellenique: Art + Design” at Piasa Gallery in Paris on March 23, 2016, with the Art – Sconce «North» which is designed and manufactured by me and my husband Nikos Maros. The marriage between my knowledge in Feng […]

Beyond Decoration Studio ~ Elena Arsenoglou & Nikos Maros, Art ...

A Unique Villa at Mykonos Island with Magnificent View ~ For Sale Sun, sea, refreshing cocktails …everyone’s dream for getaways. But when the choice is a Greek island and specifically Mykonos, these words are not enough to describe the feeling. Here sun is blinding, sea waters are crystal, dew is […]

A Unique Villa at Mykonos Island with Magnificent View ~ ...

A Warm Thank You.. I’m happy & pleased to see pictures and posts of my work in many Inspiration sites, blogs and even Wallpaper spaces. A big thanks guys for supporting and liking my work!! xo Elena Thanks to.. […]

A Warm Thank You..

Prep a TV Show I’m @ my studio and preparing some homemade scented candles for Kim Kilian’s  TV show Magazine Live. I’m a guest on Tuesday, June 4 to present some extraordinary and extremely easy ways on.  How to… Make Homemade Scented Candles from your Old Candles and How to Decorate Candles […]

Prep a TV Show

And the Winner is… And the winner who answer correctly and can get the free tickets to watch the movie “Les Miserables” is….Minos Fotiou!! The film “Les Miserables” nominated for 8 Oscar to the 85th Oscar award ceremony on Sunday, February 24th. The name of the lucky winner is at […]

And the Winner is…