Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ Metallic Colors Autumn has clearly arrived and with it beautiful, fresh days as the sun plays hide and seek with the passing clouds. This is a good occasion for you to add decorational warmth to your house, drawing inspiration from […]

Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ ...

Just when you thought Ikea was only for college students and young couples check out these ideas. Some bloggers and DIY enthusiasts are transforming their basic furniture into stunning, one of a kind design pieces. It all starts will a little bit of imagination. Here are some of my favourite […]

Ikea Hack Ideas

Decorating with Gray Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 1/4 Using Gray Color on Walls 2/4 Using Gray Color on Furniture 3/4 Using Gray Accessories 4/4 Using Gray Color in Professional Spaces Gray is the symbol for security, maturity and dependability. People who favor gray are usually the lone wolf […]

Decorating with Gray – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy new furniture. Here are some fabulous ideas to makeover what you already have to amazing new unique items. Be inspired and Bon Weekend!! 16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE […]

Before & After: 16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture Ηello friends, and welcome to before & after basics! Ι’m so excited to discuss how to paint furniture today. Τransformation is a beautiful thing- not only when dealing with furniture, but also when carried out in every day life. So, let’s start painting! Here […]

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture

Hello !  I am very happy today because it is Thursday! You’ll tell me  “so what ?” It was  Shopping Day Today! Thursdays are for me very joyous days, as I am frequently out of my office. Visiting  shops, warehouses, companies, galleries and workshops,  collecting materials  I need for  my […]

10 Best Wall Murals

Wall Art for Brown Walls Further to my post entitled  ” Decorating with Brown ” many of you sent me replies with  their  decision  to add this cozy color to their space. There are some subtle, useful information I want to share with you. About wall art, i.e.  art, paintings, […]

Wall Art for Brown Walls

LEARN HOW TO PAINT A ROOM The No1 cure-all for boring rooms, old junk and family hand-me-downs! Learn basic painting techniques and special effects. Help wall painting go smoothly and quickly by following our easy steps and visuals. How to Paint a Room: Materials What You’ll Need: Masking tape Plastic […]

DIY – Learn How to Paint a Room

It is difficult for most people to create a picture gallery and they are not even sure where to start. Here are a few tips to give you confidence to create a gallery wall. Choose Themes Comic strips, children’s art, love notes. Four leaf clovers, funny want ads, postcards. Even […]

How to Hang Picture Gallery