Beyond Decoration Studio counts 20 years of successful presence in the field of Wellness Design and it is located in a modern building of 420 sq.m. in Lagonisi.

The Space

In the studio you can comfortably wander among unique pieces of furniture, works of art, decorative and architectural materials. The space is an example of good Feng Shui, which is constantly updating as the seasons change, to provide you with the inspiration you need to decorate your own spaces.


The objective of  Elena Arsenoglou’s studio is  the composition  and implementation  of creative ideas in the areas of Wellness Design and special architecture.

The Experience of Wellness Design™

Wellness Design is a globally innovative holistic system aiming to offer modern people the creation of spaces for living, working and having fun, which will work positively for their Health and Well-being.

We offer bespoke design services in the following categories:

| Certified Wellness Design™

| Residential 

| Hospitality 

| Commercial


| Design (3D cad)

| Construction

| Renovation

| Supervision


| Special Architectural design and construction

| Interior design

| Landscape & Pool design

| Landscape Architecture

| Decoration

| Feng Shui


| Innovative Design

  • Meditation Room
  • Alternative Therapies Rooms
  • Entertainment Spaces(Home Cinema, Playroom, Gym, Gentlemen’s Room, Home Bar)
  • Spa & Home Spa
  • Home Office
  • Covid-19 Room
  • Mental Recovery Room
  • Wellness Room
  • Yacht Interiors

| Furniture, Lighting, Art design & construction

| Fireplace design

| Colours Selection

| Retail Selection (furniture, lighting, fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings, accessories etc.)


Wellness Design™ Training & Seminars

Wellness Design™ system training and seminars are addressed to individuals and to architects, interior and landscape designers who want to offer their clients wellness design certification services.


Elena Arsenoglou | Beyond Decoration

Wellness Design™

Elefterias 17 – Lagonisi

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By appointment only