6 Easy & Inexpensive Outdoor Ideas

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6 Easy & Inexpensive Outdoor Ideas

Weather gets better and better every day in Greece and most of us have already begun to organize our outdoor spaces.

These are 6 great ideas I found at better homes and gardens, for those who don’t want to spend a lot or just like to create things with their hands.

Idea 1

The homeowner built a clever concrete block bench for only $30.

Scrap fabric covers the pillows and the plank that top off this truly brilliant seating area.

Idea 2

A spacious counter for cooking and entertaining — made of recycled wood and cinder blocks — cost almost nothing.

Originally, the cinder blocks were part of the chimney at the back of the house.

Decorative painting gave them a pleasing gray patina.

Idea 3

The homeowner built his own fire pit with concrete culvert spacers — aka doughnuts — intended to fill culvert gaps in city sewer systems.

Using 2-inch thick spacers, he nestled the first one halfway into pea gravel, then stacked the rest on top.

He finished by painting the spacers with a concrete stain to darken and soften their utilitarian look.

Idea 4

With any outdoor room, choose plants that have an undemanding nature so you can spend more of your time relaxing.

The potted succulents that surround this space are drought-tolerant and need to be watered only once a month.

Idea 5

Beaded candle lanterns in spicy hues surround the space and add inexpensive splashes of color and ambiance to this outdoor room at night.

Idea 6

This elegant outdoor room was put together in just a few hours and without spending a lot of money.

An alfresco dining spot, is arranged under a metal gazebo.

Snap-on weather-resistant fabric panels shade the space from sunlight.

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