5 Tips to Refresh your Living Room for Winter 1

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Great tips! Now that we are removing our festive decorations, we may feel our sitting room a bit empty.
This should not depress us but rather make us see this as a unique opportunity to renovate our space.

I can suggest some clever tips which will help you bring a refreshing, winter attitude to your sitting area.

1. New Covers for your Sofa Cushions

Choose pretty fabrics in warm colors of winter materials. Such as fleece, velvet, fur or knitting, as to renovate your sofa’s look and bring about a warm, cuddly attitude.

2. Focus your Decoration Close to the Fireplace

Create relaxing spaces close to the fireplace according to your needs
Make use of an armchair with a footstool if you enjoy relaxing next to the fireplace in  the company of a good book.

Or a pair of  armchairs for you and your companion.

If you have a large family you will have to add a sofa in front of  the fireplace.

! If your sitting area does not have a fireplace you can place your sofa where you have the most or largest windows, so that the décor fuses with the outer winter landscape.

3. Winter Lightening

The very well known to us all paper balls , can be easily put together as to create a light which comes close to the floor, over a carpet with cushions.

Invest in candles ! The light and atmosphere that lit candles create is a must for every season.

4. Renovate the Small Tables of your Sitting Area

This is the ideal season to find pretty tree trunks in shops that sell wood, which you can transform into auxiliary tables for your sitting area.

This year “Vintage” decoration  is very much in vogue . Look into your storage areas for old granny luggage and enjoy your newly created table !

5. Create Works of Art with Character

Download high resolution pictures and have them  printed at a professional  print shop on mat paper , in dimensions that can fit  frames you already have, so you can renovate your walls.

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  • Clio K.

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