10 Ideas to Decorate with Autumn Leaves 14

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10 Ideas to Decorate with Autumn Leaves

Placemats from Leaves

Start your day in the spirit of the season.

Use a leave in gorgeous autumn colours as a placemat for your coffee or tea.

Leave Mobile

With a few autumn leaves and fishing line, you can create a beautiful mobile for your window.
As the light pass through the leaves it will bring their wonderful colour into your space.

Your Favourite Candles with an Autumn Touch

I suggest you to prefer beautiful handmade candles without chemicals with pure essential oils.
This season you can also find them in wonderful seasonal scents.
Use a dessert platter to put on a few leaves and your candle.

Make DIY Autumn Decorations & Gifts

If you like DIY projects with a little search on the internet you can find amazing ideas for handmade candlesticks, art e.t.c with autumn leaves.
I picked up for you these ideas to get inspired and get started.

Autumn Gatherings

This is a great time to through out a dinner at home for you and your loved ones.
With autumn leaves you can create impressive decorations for your table setting.

You can create with the leaves an impressive but very natural centrepiece for your table.

Use them to decorate the towels.

Also you can use them in the bottom of your glass jars for your candles.

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